'When we look to someone's face we begin to experience the motion behind the expression'
[Book: the power of others by Michael Bond. Chapter 1 –page 11]

Selfish people are not great synchronizers.
[Book: The power of others by Michael Bond. Chapter 1 – page 7]

I like myself. I am very aware of my own beauty, and I love it when people are recognizing that. The more attention I get, the more I will shine. It is very hard for me to look at other people this way. Giving a compliment to someone else is one of the hardest things, and I don't usually do.

When I go out I will make myself even more pretty. My high heels, my make up, my fake hair, my short dress, and don't forget my attitude. No matter where I walk in, people will see me, adore me and talk about me. I enjoy it.